Southern Classic E-Liquid

Halo cigs couponThere are a number of different liquids that are being made for customers to partake in with their vaporizer. The vaporizer itself can take a number of different E-Liquids that are currently on the market at this time. The user may prefer a straight menthol, mint or fruit taste depending on their habit of smoking or their vaporizer use. Among many of the flavors that are out for purchase, the southern classic liquid is one of the best mixtures created for vaporizer use. The mixture that is in southern classic is one of a kind and can be recognize by its distinct taste from a vaporizer user. The ingredients alone can bring a customer to want to try the liquid just to have the opportunity of filling their tank with this E-Liquid.

What Is In The Southern Classic E-Liquid

The southern classic e-liquid was created with a light tobacco as its base for the liquid. The liquid contains tobacco but is very light which is very useful for a user that is trying to quit but still craves the light taste of tobacco. The liquid contains a number of different flavors which are mixed perfectly for taste in a vaporizer, the ingredients include:

  • Honey Flavor
  • Citrus Flavor
  • Cloves
  • Madagascar Vanilla

The above ingredients are blended together to give a sweet yet smooth vapor through the vaporizer to taste. Many mixtures are either too strong in one area and lacking in the next but this blend combines a number of flavors to satisfy the user overall. Most vendors offer this mixture in a number of different nicotine levels from 0 to 24 mg in a bottle. This specific preference is for the user to decide in regards to how much nicotine they want to consume in their vaporizer. If you are a user that is looking forward to purchasing the liquid can trust one of the main liquid vendors with a great discount coupon at the site that offer this particular brand. Although the mixture is very satisfying not many offer the specific brand of southern classic.