Hydraulics and pneumatics

In general, hydraulics and pneumatics are technologies which are used in power transmission. The transmission of power through fluids is referred to as Hydraulics (https://www.servi.no/) . These fluids may include; water and oil. On the other hand, the transmission of power through compressed air is called pneumatics. Despite the fact that these two technologies use different media of transmission, they are very effective in power transmission. Hence, they provide a lot of power. Due to their effectiveness, they are used to produce mechanical motions.

How hydraulics and pneumatics work.
The two technologies are used in the production of the Hydraulic power and pneumatic power respectively. However, they use the same mechanical principle. This principle involves the motor compressing the fluid or gas. After the media has been compressed, then a mechanical impulse is generated and transmitted through the hose to the tool (https://www.servi.no/produkter/pneumatikk-og-vakuum/) . After the mechanical impulse has reached the tool, it triggers a mechanical motion in the tool’s moving part. Apart from being flexible, these two technologies are also very efficient in boosting the durability of different systems. This is due to the fact that they don’t cause a lot of wear, vibration, breakages, and fatigue. Despite, using similar mechanical principle, these two technologies have some differences. These differences include;

Each and every moving part requires to be lubricated in order to move smoothly and to avoid wearing off. Having in mind that Hydraulic technology employs the use of fluid such as oil, the fluid also acts as a lubricating agent. Therefore, you don’t have to use another lubricant. On the other hand, you have to use aerosolized oils to lubricate the systems that use pneumatic technology.

Having in mind that fluids have high heat capacity, these fluids are very effective in cooling hydraulic system. This means they are very effective in heat dissipation (https://www.servi.no/service-og-vedlikehold/oljeanalyser/) . However, hydraulic systems heat a lot. Despite not being very effective in cooling, Pneumatic system heat less compared to hydraulic systems.